We are the high-tech company who want to change the education by new technology, we develop different software, Apps and digital media to improve the efficiency of learning, also using innovative and creative methods, we encourage next generation to think critically and creatively. we provide project-based training for computing and engineering subject with decades of combined experience.

In today’s face-paced world, many of the jobs and careers needed to support innovation are rooted in STEAM disciplines. Since its establishment, Pacific Sequoia, Inc. has been committed to hands-on and interactive learning. Invoking high engagement is central to our solution when students’ minds are fully engaged through high participation, then learning outcomes are maximized. Interactive learning results in a deeper understanding of the academic material in a shorter period of time.



Our team has helped countless students from all over the world to attend Summer Camps in the United States through our online service. While many students have the goal of attending the perfect camp to improve creative thinking and learn about American culture.


Our team strives to understand the needs of you and your child so that our system can recommend the perfect camp and travel planning personalized. We understand that scheduling, interests, and location are all important when choosing a program. Before and during activities, we provide support to parents in understanding the details and information.


At Pacific Sequoia, Inc., it is our goal that every student has a memorable, happy, and fulfilling experience.


Our Educational Apps and Online Courses

Pacific Sequoia has developed Apps and online courses for students to grow their different skills. Our ESL (English as a Second Language) courses, STEAM courses and games are designed for every age level, from young children to adults. With learning research as our driver, we’ve developed exciting, fun, and effective apps and lessons to drive innovative and creative thinking.